Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The scottish summer summary

Pre - summer goals:

Monar - got here, extraordinary.

Ben Alder - no (been before)

Carnmore - no

Orkney - no (been before)

Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair - no (been before)

Hell's Lum - no ish (looked down, didn't get on project, have been before)

Corrour - no, been before

Barns of Bynack - yes

Undoubtably the find of the summer is monar, incredible lines and an incredible place. Already thinking about a winter visit. Sam's palace is a close second.

Pre home for winter training goals -

Do A Different Game, I'm not too far away, tools getting stuck in the crack is the main obstacle. Have been sussing training possibilities for this, got a few lined up.

Get better at converting gastons to straight arms.

Do a few V5's.

Link the training traverse.

Winter doing goals -

Go to monar

Go to corrour

Go to culra

Get on one big summer route

Get to duntelchaig

Get to crags around loch ness

Go to slioch

Go to skye

Climb one or more roofs

Learn to ski, the recent trip to bynack more reminded me how good it'd be to be able to roll across in the winter.

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