Sunday, 10 April 2011

Grit and rain and chips and drytooling

Went out to the roaches, it hailstoned, did some bouldering.

Went out to stanage, it rained. Spent 3 days climbing Robin Hood's Gully, a 12m Vdiff.
It was awesome. The cave was ace, at first I thought I'd discovered Parisellas of the Peak, however, the rock is a little bit soft. But, you can easily make new holds with your hands so it's not all bad. The next day was sunny and excellent, did various trad things, got bumped up on big air.

Went to almscliffe, it rained, did some bouldering.

Went out to black rocks, it didn't rain. It was awesome, got on some pretty tricky slabs, loved it, will be back for sure. Mclellan as usual was drawn to the worst routes on the crag, "What's that you say? Green gully? Sounds brilliant." but i vetoed the worst of them. Tried to lasso a tree.

On the only non-slab route of the weekend, I fell off a couple of times, Mclellan fell off, it felt tricky.

Went out to some limestone quarry (masson lees), we couldn't find it in the dark, it rained the next day. Were planning to go drytooling on Sub Rosa which looks really wild, instead we just made and ate some chips.