Saturday, 19 February 2011

Chalked up

Been making lots of visits to the chalk, 4 times this term, living the dream.

Cool stuff that happened:

1) Discovered saltdean west, previously I'd just been going to the pleasure/thunder dome. Attempted to do a traverse of saltdean west. There's an excellent roof section at the start but the rest is pretty easy.

2) Discovered the way to climb well on chalk and still be weak is to dyno everything.

3) Saw a helicopter when I was on the route, it came in close, thought it must be surveying the cliff for building or something. Then noticed that it was a police helicopter. Bizarre I thought. Eventually the police rolled up on the beach, appartently someone thought we were gonna jump.

4) Strong wind from the south = terror. On one visit, the wind was about 50mph, the waves were breaking onto the steps, about 5 or 6 metres in height. The most impressive thing was the noise of the waves and the pebbles rushing back down the beach and occasionally bits falling off.