Sunday, 26 May 2013

Guess who's back!

Last couple of years have seen a focusing on training rather than tripping.  Have done a bit of skiing, done a lot of bouldering, got out to cham but got washed out, got on a few routes, got heavy and stronger.

Last summer we did an epic 650km journey across iceland from the south to northern tip, unsupported, we think this was the first.  Max milage was 52 in a day, it was about 6 though when we started off in the mountains at the start, with 40kg rucsacs overflowing with food.

Now, I'm off on an even bigger adventure this summer to the mountains of tajikistan, trying to get on some first ascents.  Driving 6000 miles to get there cos we're too fly to fly.  Sponsored by some cool guys.

Here's one of the two pics that exist of the area, looks quality.

Follow our journey, we have a sat phone and should get some pics up on route as well. -

New posts coming soon on an even more handsome blog, about more adventures...