Sunday, 23 January 2011

Duntelchaig winter

Went out to duntelchaig mega psyched shortly after the cold snap in late december, it was warm but I was hopeful.

I'd hoped the thaw would have stripped back the snow and left a helpful bit of ice in the cracks.

The project was black, seeping and totally unwintery. I was gutted.

The day was salvaged by playing on some icicles nearby. It was about 10C and the ice was keen to detach itself from the rocks, and the topout of 10m of unfrozen vertical heather was unappealing, crampons balled up with mud.

Newmark + ice heading towards the ground.

Climbing without gloves reminded me of cham. It was ace.

The rest of the hols were spent going to various other projects, again conditions weren't helpful and/or I wasn't good enough, yet. Got some useful info and know what I need to do to make it happen, back to training for a couple of months, then crush.

Roll on easter, psyched!

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Was busy for the rest of term, with alot of work to finish off, but got out on the chalk, at saltdean then at telescombe, it was ace. Loads of brilliant new lines waiting to be climbed before they fall down. First time placements and most of them were pretty secure. All the established routes were very juggy, which was interesting and not what I'm used to.

Extreme wild camping in Grindleford.

Got back to Sheffield for some grit, it was pretty banging, did mostly bouldering which was ace. To finish the term, I managed a visit to the climbing hotspot of Swindon.